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Welcome to Cairns Fishing and Snorkelling Charter, Brendan and Lisa's Journey to owning and operating 'Ocean Blue' was born from a random meeting on Holiday’s in the Gold Coast on a Charter boat Brendan was working on back in 2008. Lisa had recently returned to Australia after 5 years aboard travelling the world, working with young and disabled children in school camps and worked on cruise ships around the world, Lisa booked a fishing Charter to freshen up her fishing skills, It was here Lisa meet Brendan they got a long like a house on fire.

Brendan did the sightseeing thing around the Gold Coast the next day. Lisa left returned back to Cairns a week later Brendan came to visit in Cairns. Lisa then moved to the Gold Coast where she was working with Brendan as his deck hand.
about us

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Brendan started working on charter boats about 20 years ago as a deckie, Under the skilful eye of some of the most renowned charter boat operators on the Gold Coast, Brendan honed his skills and worked his way up to a skipper. Throughout Brendan's Career he has had the opportunities to work on the vessels ranging in size between 30 and 60ft across a range of tourism ventures including river cruiser, open water game and sport fishing and estuarine fishing experiences.

Whilst life took us in different directions for a while, we both continued to harness our love of water sports and fishing, with Lisa taking up roles in white water rafting and river companies and Brendan continuing to make his mark in the exclusive Gold Coast market.

As fate would have it, our paths crossed again, reigniting our shared passion for life and fishing and ultimately resulting in Brendan's move to Cairns for Love the gate way to the Reef, where our dreams to own and operate a charter operation has finally been realized

We encourage you to join us on 'Ocean Blue' for your next fishing and snorkelling adventure and experience the magnificent Great Barrier Reef in a relaxed and friendly environment

We look forward to meeting you

Brendan and Lisa